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Who is Sofa HQ?

At Sofa HQ, we source only the best quality pieces, taking time to ensure every product we list meets our standards.

Whilst our clients are almost always happy with the quality and design of our range of sofas , we offer a 5 day return policy should it be required.

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Why are we different to other Sofa distributors?

We offer a 7.5% discount when you order more than 20 sets or a 15% discount when you order more than 40 sets. The more you order from us, the more you will save and we will happily accommodate your long-term requirements and work out custom discount packages for our clients.

We are a one-stop shop for our clients, and we ensure that our range is wide enough for our clients not to need any other sofas supplier.

If you don’t find what you need, simply ask us to have a model made for you and we will have a sample for you to check and test within 15 days if the sofa can be made in the UK or 50 days if it is made in China.

We have studied all UK markets for sofas and ensured our products, quality and prices are better than anyone else’s. Why? Because we want our clients to do business with us for life, not just ad-hoc deals and to this end, we have:

We are no ordinary sofa distributor. We are confident with our products and offer a 5-day no-hassle returns policy. In addition, we also offer a price-match guarantee and if you find the same quality sofa, in stock, cheaper anywhere else, we will match the price for you, less an additional £5 a set.

We are very careful in choosing our clients and shoulder the responsibility of ensuring fair and consistent pricing and ensuring our clients’ business models are not compromised by the area/location/platform being exposed to our products. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the very best rates and deals for sofas of all designs and sizes.

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We offer 100% buyer protection which is why our clients trust us with their time and money.

Making life easier for sofa retailers

We know that buying sofas from wholesalers can be a nightmare in the UK and across Europe. With long wait times for delivery from China and overseas listings making it hard to truly understand the quality of items, often sourcing stock can cause retailers a headache. As a retailer, we appreciate that your first priority is to meet your customers’ needs and the last thing you want to do is keep them waiting for their items. With so many factors to take into account, however, such as different national holidays and shipping constraints, it’s all too common to come up against delays when importing stock. That’s why we set up Sofa HQ. Born from a desire to resolve the mountain of issues retailers face when trying to source and import sofas from overseas, we started out as a retail operation. We quickly met the very same issues that our customers face so we branched out into distribution and importation. Our aim is to help retailers efficiently and effectively scale their business and look after their customers' needs without having to worry about import costs, timescales and quality checks.

What about smaller sofa retailers?

We offer a minimum order quantity of 6 sets which is ideal for small start-ups or those who want to free up cash flow. Sofas aren’t exactly easy to store either which is why we’ve set the minimum order level as low as we possibly can. If you’re worried about storing your items, alongside various delivery options we also offer daily collections from our warehouse, meaning you don’t need to worry about having excessive storage space when you place an order with us.
Flexible options that suit you
We offer flexible payment options, accepting bank transfers, debit cards, cash and Bitcoin. Our team are on hand to offer 24/7 support, making the process of sourcing your stock as easy and efficient as possible. We supply to England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Belgium and France.

The benefits of Sofa HQ

Setting yourself apart from your competitors is important which is why we also offer bespoke orders allowing you to customise your sofas orders to accurately meet your requirements. For some products we are also able to sign exclusivity deals, allowing you to rest assured that your customers won't find the same item elsewhere. Our showroom allows you to try before you buy, giving you the chance to see the products up close whilst our online process is simple and effective. Simply subscribe to our website, check stock levels and online prices and buy, all of which can be done remotely from anywhere. Making sure you have high-quality photographs of your products is essential for any retailer which is why we also offer a photography service. We will shoot your selected products, edit the images and add your watermarks post-production, giving you high-quality imagery for use across your sales collateral and online platforms.


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