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from trade leather sofa importer.

If your customers are looking for new leather sofas that will look great and serve them well for many years to come, our trade leather sofa importers can help.
Leather sofas never go out of style, and they can add a touch of class and elegance to any space. More and more sofa retailers are coming straight to us when they need to add on-trend, long-lasting trade leather sofa stocks to their catalogues to keep their customers happy.
Read on to find out more about why it makes so much sense to source trade leather sofa stocks from Sofa HQ.

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The benefits
of leather sofas

Many people opt for leather sofas because they have a very classy, luxurious appearance.

Leather sofas can look great in modern and classic settings, and there are various gorgeous natural colours to choose from. Although leather sofas can cost a little more than alternatives like fabric sofas, few people regret their purchases once they have invested in them. If a customer looks after a leather sofa well, it can last for a very long time.

More reasons why
customers love leather sofas

There are many things a customer can do with a leather sofa to personalise it. These include adding throws and cushions. These can make sofas cosy during the colder months and more comfortable during the spring and summer months.

Another great reason for buying a leather sofa is that the material is highly resistant to stains and spillages. This means that leather is a particularly good choice for households with children. In most cases, you can maintain leather by simply wiping it down with a damp cloth following a spillage. If small tears appear on leather, this can be easily remedied. Customers can normally add a sub-patch and add glue, filler and colourant to restore the sofa to its former glory.

If your customers are seeking highly durable sofas with a long lifespan that are resistant to spillages and require only modest maintenance, leather sofas may be ideal for their specific needs.

Choose the top sofas wholesale vendors in the UK

At Sofa HQ

We have years of experience when it comes to importing trade leather sofas from top manufacturers. We only ever add high-quality sofas to our catalogue and make it much easier for you to stock the outstanding products that your customers require.

We are a fast-growing sofa and beds traders’ platform designed exclusively for wholesalers and retailers. As we buy in bulk, we’re able to achieve the best possible prices and pass these onto our valued customers.

Sofa HQ gives you shocking wholesale prices and next day delivery.

Each of our imported trade leather sofas is available for immediate delivery, whilst we can get any of our UK products out to you within just ten days. New stock is infrequently coming, but you can avoid missing out on the products that your customers love by subscribing to us. Once you have done this, you’ll receive instant notifications of incoming leather sofas.

Market your leather sofas with Sofa HQ

We can also help you market your leather sofas to attract custom. We can do this by taking professional pictures for advertising purposes before editing them and adding your branding as a watermark. This makes creating exposure for your sofas a little bit easier. We can send notifications straight to your inbox or to your WhatsApp number – the choice is entirely yours.

Trade Leather sofa delivery available

Some of our customers need their sofas delivered directly to their door. This may be the case for you if you’re placing a substantial order and can’t come and collect them yourself. Let us take care of the logistics so you can get from A to B much easier. We can even deliver your sofas to your door if you have a smaller order. You only need to pay a small fee for this service.

Overcome storage challenges
with trade leather sofa importers

If you have storage space challenges but wish to place a big order, this is no problem. Many of our customers get around this by ordering as little as three sets at a time. This allows them to fulfil their customers’ requirements without collecting more than they can store at their premises. Our low minimum order requirement will also help you manage your cash flow more effectively.

See us as your one-stop shop when you need leather sofa importers, distributors and wholesalers.

Elegant, modern trade leather sofas

When you become a Sofa HQ customer, you can remain fully up to date on which leather sofas are currently available via our service. Once you have subscribed, you’ll be able to log in to check stock and prices whenever you like. When you’re ready to order, you can do this within just a few clicks. You can then advertise your latest catalogue additions on your website, social media pages and in your showroom.

Carefully-selected sofas, low MOQ and attractive wholesale prices

Maybe you find the world of leather sofas too difficult to navigate? When you buy from us, you can rest assured that each leather sofa in our range is affordable, fully on-trend, compliant with safety regulations and priced extremely competitively.

Our hassle-free trader’s platform takes much of the stress from sourcing the elegant leather sofas your customers are searching for. We also offer a variety of payment methods to take the fuss out of funding your order. These include bank transfers, cash, debit card and even Bitcoin.

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Cut out the middleman with the most reliable sofa wholesale supplier in the UK

Discounted wholesale prices for startup businesses and established retailers

Whether you’re seeking out a budget, medium-range or higher-range leather sofas from top manufacturers, we are here to help. We stock sofas from many countries renowned for their manufacturing prowess, and these include not only the UK but Turkey and China too. The imported leather sofas are also bagged and boxed to prevent damage during transit. There is no need to worry about the complexities of importing, shipping costs, haulage fees or fluctuating prices. When you source leather sofas from a UK-based importer, you can remove the stress of obtaining the quality products that your customers desire.

As we are importers as well as distributors

We give you the chance to cut out the middleman and smoothen the process of acquiring the latest leather sofas. Help is also available if you need to customise your sofas to meet your customers’ specific requirements. We can get custom and bespoke leather sofas manufactured at very short notice. Simply get in touch and tell us your requirements so we can get sofas customised for your customers. We can also help if your customers require bespoke beds. Not only do we supply sofas and beds to businesses across the UK, but we also serve retailers in Ireland, Belgium, France and Ireland.

Expect total satisfaction from trusted sofa wholesale traders and suppliers.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your order, which is why we welcome you to get in touch at any point if you do have any queries about the services we offer or any of the products that we provide. If your customers need instruction manuals to get their leather sofas set up, these can be downloaded from our site, where UKFR certificates can also be downloaded. Take the uncertainty out of ordering quality leather sofas right here. Maybe you need to place a larger order? If so, we can order an entire container of sofas for you. We’re incredibly confident that we won’t let you down once you have ordered your leather sofas, but we will give you £250 each time in the unlikely event that we can’t fulfil your order.

Wholesale showroom with over 30 designs available

You can come to our site to test our products before you place your order if you wish. We have a 24/7 customer support service and run our own fleet of vans to keep delivery times to a minimum. We Set-up a minimum order quantity of only 3 SETS, Order more than 20 sets to get a 10% discount, or get a 20% discount by ordering over 40 sets. There’s also a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on all our leather sofas.

Premium quality sofas
at wholesale prices

We are proud to be the UK’s one-stop solution for sofa wholesalers. We are popular amongst established and growing retailers. If you’re new to the market, you can easily import your sofas and start your business with us. If you’re seeking large stocks, incomparable prices and outstanding customer service, we are here for you. Let us help you supply your customers with unique custom-made couches as well as off-the-shelf leather sofas.

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The best online B2B marketplace for sofas, bedding and furniture

Talk to us today if you’re ready to procure leather sofas from bargain wholesalers. With a low MOQ of 3 Sets and the best prices, you can bulk buy from the largest stock for the best prices right here. Order with 100% buyer protection and work with a direct factory supplier trusted by thousands.

Our fast and efficient delivery service means you never have to let your customers down, and we’re able to offer killer wholesale prices that allow you to make big savings and pass them onto your customers.


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