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Pros and cons explained by your sofa dealers


Leather sofa dealers know that your customers are asking you to advise them on the best choice for their living room, hotel suite, waiting room, or office. 

To these people, you are the experts and they trust you to guide them appropriately. They are asking you as the professionals to be able to steer them in making one of their most expensive household purchases. 

Once you have given your specialist opinion, the shopper wants to be certain that you have access to an item that will make them feel both happy and comfortable for many years to come. 

 Whether they are purchasing a sofa to match their décor or they want a neutral colour that they can decorate around, the information that you provide them is monumental and will stay in their mind when their much-awaited possession is placed in their desired room.

 As the UK’s number one Aire leather trader, we can tell you everything that you need to know to ensure that your consumers get the best advice available. Once you subscribe, you will be able to check our stock at your convenience and will be no more uncertainty for you or your clientele. It is as easy as ABC. Check the stock, reserve it online and set a date to collect it from our headquarters or arrange delivery. In the eyes of your buyer, you will be knowledgeable, informed, and ready to meet their needs.

 To be a great salesperson you must know the ins and outs of what you are selling. Every salesperson knows that there are pros and cons to everything, so what are the encouraging points that you need to know so that you will achieve your sale? This leather sofa dealer is here to tell you.


sofa hq Pros explained by your sofa dealers


Leather sofas are usually a trendy and modern addition to your consumers home. As they are built in a sleek, streamlined design they will modernise any room. 

Leather sofa dealers are certain that by adding this item to their space your customer will be immediately satisfied with the elegant look that has been created. With the simple addition of one leather sofa, any home can be modernised. 

 The biggest selling point for leather sofa dealers is that they are allergen resistant. Did you know that an estimated 33% of the population in the UK suffers from an allergy? Allergies are embraced by fabric sofas leading to pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and all other things being  trapped within the fabric. Knowledgeable sofa dealers would point any person who suffers from an allergy to leather for several reasons but mainly because they are easy to clean and any pollutants can be wiped away quickly and without effort. 

 Have you ever tried to get pet hair out of a fabric sofa? We have and it is not easy. The leather leaves no opportunity for the hair to become entwined. Making it an easy job to vacuum and clean.

 As we are fabric sofa dealers as well as leather sofa dealers we know that it is very important to rub-down the leather regularly. This is a job that can be completed in ten minutes with a cloth once a year. A fabric sofa on the other hand needs to have cushions washed or dry cleaned, a set of stain removing lotions kept on hand, and fingers kept crossed that it will survive the treatment without colour staining.

 No matter what the décor is in your customer’s home, the sofa will fit in. If you have not already, see how easily the items from this sofa dealer will bring shine and glamour to your consumer. 

 Even if the leather does not remain in its best form after being scratched by the cat or children sitting on spilling their drinks and secretly hiding the proof with a cushion, leather sofa dealers know that these marks add to the look of a sophisticated room. Adding a bit of expression and an artisan appearance.

 Talking of sophisticated; we have a range of designs that can please the most masculine of men with strong chunky features or the most feminine of women with flowing curves a radiant shine. There is something for everyone. The collections can be found here .

 The leather sofa offers a material that will not lose its colour or get sun patches. Even stains from spilled wines are almost impossible if they are wiped up quickly. Of course, this does depend on how well it is maintained and whether the instructions provided are followed. No matter how strong and quality assured a sofa dealer is, owners need to take care when sitting (without letting their children use it as a trampoline). Any sofa dealer will agree that with respect, it will last for decades. Who knows, your consumer may pass it down to their children. Hold on…are we putting ourselves out of business by providing such high quality?

 All of our sofas have instruction manuals online that can be downloaded at the click of a button. Further to this, the UKFR certificates can be as well. Always on hand for you to prove to your customer that safety and quality are of high importance to yourselves and your leather sofa dealers. Whether they are given to the shopper on the day of delivery or discussed in-store before confirming the purchase, this is peace of mind for your buyer.

 Our collection  is a must-see and does not forget to mention to them that the strong material that is used will ensure that their furniture stays in great shape. The robust properties of leather make certain that the cushioning will stay firm and in shape for as long as practically possible. 

 If you want to occupy your showroom, website, or social media pages fast take a look at our collection here .


sofa hq cons explained by your sofa dealers


We would not be responsible sofa dealers if we didn’t remind you to make sure the cons are transparent to your customers. Even though leather sofas have considerable advantages over fabric ones, which we have already discussed and look great anywhere, not all of your customers will want one. No matter how hard you try to make the sale. We are prepared for this and have large stocks, utilising over 30 modern designs at incomparable prices and low MOQ. Find out more about our collections

 Back to the cons. The leather sofa has a sheen that will remain for its entire life. Although this is a bonus for many people some consumers would rather not have this. Whether it is because of light reflecting or just the impression, leather sofas are not for everyone and fabric would be better suited to these buyers. 

 As leather comes from nature and animals that are bred in certain colours it needs to be remembered that you do not come across purple cattle very often. Therefore this material comes in shades of brown, black, or white. These are wonderfully neutral colours however if your consumer requires something striking or that blends into the décor and a bright coloured throw is unacceptable as the solution then the fabric sofa is the way to go. Do not worry though as this leather sofa dealer has a complete range of imported stock that is available for immediate delivery ; even the fabric ones.

 Due to the work that goes into making a great quality leather sofa, buyers do find that they are more expensive and this can put your customers off. Sofa-HQ cut out the middle man allowing you to buy directly from us. This allows us to worry about the quality, the trends, the compliance, and the costs while you focus on making sales. If you are not sure whether there is a need for the leather sofa in your store then take advantage of the fact that our minimum order is only 3 Sets!

 A con that we cannot fix is the material, although very comfortable can get very warm. Having bare skin on warm leather can get a bit sticky. Many people chose to use a throw during the hotter months and a cleverly chosen one can add a touch more character to their room.

 Finally, any spills must get cleaned up quickly as although they are great for accidental spills if the liquid has time to settle in, leather will become irreparable or need professionals to clean it.

 To summarise there are always pros and cons to every accessory and leather sofa dealers are aware of this. At Sofa-HQ we can offer 24/7 support to answer your questions and provide alternatives that might be better for your buyer’s needs. If for some reason your shopper is adamant that they want their unique custom-made couch then we can help with the design and with our own fleet of vans, ensure the quickest delivery.

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